Open Explorer and select file in Excel VBA

How to: open an Explorer window so a user can select a file in Excel VBA.


The below VBA function whenc alled will open an Explorer window (when using windows) and allow the user to navigate through the file system to select a file. The function will return a single string containing the full path and file name.


Below is the VBA code which can serve as a starting point for further development.


First we open an Explorer window with the Application.FileDialog function using the msoFileDialogFilePicker option so the user must select a file rather than a folder. Then we clear filters (so in theory a user can select any file type), we do not allow multiple selections and if the user selects a file we return the path and name to the fileNamePath variable.


  • FileDialog object reference link
  • MsoFileDialogType Enum reference link

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